This Easter season, preach the hope of resurrection life with beautiful Easter sermons that call your people to hope in Jesus

Popular Easter Sermon Series

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Feel the love of the Father soak into your church as you focus on the finished work of Jesus


Your people need all the hope they can get this Easter

As Easter approaches, it feels like HOPE is more important than ever. That's why SermonCentral offers rock-solid series kits to help you preach the love of God through the life, death, and resurrection of His son.

Give your people the hope & comfort of God's promises through Messiah


Invite your community to a rare and special celebration of renewed life in a time of fear


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Glad Tidings Church

Start this 3-week series on Easter Sunday and help your church rediscover the power of the cross. They'll learn to walk in their resurrected identity and reach the world with the love of Christ!

This is Love

Get people reconnected this Easter

You don't want your Easter season to feel empty and lifeless. Preach a fresh Easter series and get your church re-engaged and connected.

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Embrace God's resurrection power, approach Him with confidence, cultivate a deeper relationship with Him, and catch a passion for joining Him in this 3-sermon Holy Week Series.

Come Alive!

The Easter Challenge

The Easter Challenge begins during your Easter Sunday service (in-person or online) and takes your church through a different challenge each week, for 5 weeks. It's a 30-day challenge for families at home.

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This Easter season, preach a 6-week series all about embracing life in Christ. Use this series in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.

From the Ashes

Against All Odds

In this 6-week sermon series, lead your church in the weeks leading up to Easter and prepare them to see how Jesus fulfilled God's promises. There's no better way to build excitement for Easter Sunday.

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Love Reigns

Starting on Easter Sunday, preach this 4-week series and discover how God’s amazing love transforms our past, present, and future.

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