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As Christmas approaches, many things feel uncertain. That's why SermonCentral offers rock-solid sermon series kits to re-engage your church and help you preach the unchanging love of God.

Give your people the hope & comfort of God's promises through Messiah


Invite your community to a rare and special celebration of hope in a time of uncertainty


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Glad Tidings Church

Far too many of us carry heavy baggage, but in Jesus, there is no condemnation. It's time to unpack all the worthless weight and learn to live free.

Baggage: Traveling Light in the New Year

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Everything in life competes for our attention. If we're not careful, we'll lose focus on what really matters. Let God realign your focus to increase your faith.

Renewed Focus for the New Year

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Culture rarely leads us to a more vibrant faith. We all struggle to stay focused on the basics. invite your church back to the basics of walking with Jesus.

Back to the Basics

Beginnings: New Year Series

Challenge and encourage your congregation to answer life's toughest questions. Confidently propel your church into uncharted territory.

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God designed the world to have a certain cadence to it. In this 4-week series, show your church how God's intended cadence affects all of life.

Cadence: Rhythms for the New Year

Redeeming Your Time 

God's Word offers a better way to reach our full potential. Encourage biblical productivity and successful time management in the New Year.

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