"As someone who preaches 4-5 times a week I was killing myself trying to put together material for messages. Then I came across SermonCentral and it has been a blessing."

Stephen Sheane, The Lighthouse Church

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"Thank you for offering such a variety of services under the Pro subscription; especially all the PowerPoint templates. The service is a great value for what it offers."

Paul Pattion, Glad Tidings Church

"I use your site all the time, and have for years ... the information you share here enables God's word to continue on and on. God Bless you for your efforts!"

Sharon Kanho, Church Member

Unlimited access to view and download sermons

Unlimited access to top-rated sermon illustrations

Unlimited royalty-free image downloads

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What is included in my annual PRO membership?

Unlimited download access to all church media that will enable you to deliver memorable services that engage your audience, as well as advanced time-saving features on SermonCentral PRO. . .

Specifically your membership includes:

  • Over 1000 video illustrations
  • Over 850 PowerPoint templates
  • Over 40 countdown, service starters
  • Over 350 motion backgrounds
  • Over 700 still backgrounds
  • Over 1,000 royalty-free images
  • Weekly staff prepared sermon collections
  • Save to your PRO Ideas List
  • Access top rated illustrations
  • View sermons on a single page
  • Lectionary calendar sermon search

How do I get a receipt or billing statement?

You should receive a receipt emailed to you upon sign up. If for some reason the email isn't delivered to you, or you deleted the email, you may access billing statements anytime through your Dashboard. To access from you Dashboard, sign in with your PRO membership account information, then select the “Dashboard” quick link at the top of webpage, next select “PRO Settings” and then finally “View Billing Statements”.

Unfortunately, since we do not log your web usage, we are unable to provide refunds if you have not used the website or PRO service. Fees charged are non-refundable.

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