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As someone who preaches 4-5 times a week I was killing myself trying to put together material for messages. Then I came across SermonCentral and it has been a blessing.


Download professionally-designed media for your church service, bible study, or preaching engagement. Plus, SermonCentral and our partners upload new media every week! Find the perfect video illustration, funny movie, ready-to-use PowerPoint template, royalty-free image, and more.

Instantly access SermonCentral's best sermon illustrations from stories to statistics to quotes. Four- and Five-Star Illustrations, delivered instantly when you search by topic, scripture, or occasion. Unlimited fresh ideas for your sermons.

Stephen Sheane  The Lighthouse Church

Curated sermons and sermon resources for all occasions, topics, and your annual preaching calendar. Everything you need to capture great message ideas for crafting your own sermon message and present it with church media that matches the style of your service.

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Present your sermon notes with any of our beautiful templates. Easily download and customize with your own notes and content.
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Easily download and use the perfect video illustration to make a point, worship background to add creativity, or countdown timer to signal the start of service.
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Each week, SermonCentral staff compiles and shares the top resources for a topic or occasion. Use the sermon collection to design the perfect experience for your church.
Over 150,000 Sermons
Access the world's largest database of pastor-shared sermons. View everything quicker with PRO.
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Now, download any sermon in a beautiful PDF presentation. Prefect to printing, saving on file, or sharing with a colleague.
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Pre-plan your preaching calendar with SermonFolders. Save any resource on SermonCentral to customizable folders for simple and powerful organization.
The Perfect Illustration
Don't waste time reading through the wrong illustrations. Search, find, and access the best 10,000 illustrations on SermonCentral with PRO. It's never been easier.
24/7 Sermon Assistant
As a preacher, you always need to be ready with a relevant and moving message at the drop of a hat. Sometimes you can plan well (Christmas will always be on December 25). Other times, like funerals, you're trying to prepare at the last minute. Sign up for PRO and enjoy top resources and benefits anytime.

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14 day trial, then $12.50/mo when paid annually at $149

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